Advice for new brides

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I have never been married so I don't really know what it is like to plan a wedding. I am sure its hard work but I have never experienced it so I have asked my facebook fans and clients: "if you could give a new bride advice for her up coming wedding what would you say? "

join pinterest. It's AMAZING!!! - Amanda Mills

Develop a timeline and stick to it! Planning reduces the stress of things. - Jennifer Rosebrough

It's your day-spare no expenses and have a blast! - Jonathan Bowman

make sure you get what you want... like the colors of your wedding, bridesmaids dresses, and your own dress...a close friend didnt get to choose any of these and now that shes looking back on it, she regrets not saying thats not what she wanted. even if you arent footing the bill 1. its your wedding 2. your and your fiance's opinion are really the only ones that matter...oh and have fun with it!!  - Tiffini Jordan

Thanks everyone!

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